Be the change you want to see in the world. This is your opportunity to create a lasting legacy for women to have a true sense of self-worth, dignity and personal empowerment.


Why Donate Us?

Dignifying Women’s main focus is Domestic Violence Survivors.


Domestic violence breaks a woman and family apart and in most instances she needs to build her lives again from ground zero.


Women experiencing domestic violence need financial and psychological support. 


She might have children to look after, which increases the financial responsibilities immensely. In the ordeal, children are the most vulnerable victims of domestic violence. Their innocence and childhood is taken away from them at a very early age.


We aim to normalise the life of women so their children can look forward to a nourishing and nurtured life too.  


By supporting them you are supporting their dreams and above all a normal life. 


Assisting with the basic right to living freely, without fear and regain the sense of dignity and respect. 


Your donation will go straight to our fund that provides education, counselling and assistance in daily living expenses local and overseas communities.



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