You can be our supporter, friend or admirer. 


If you share the same philosophy of empowering women and encouraging them to pursue their dreams you are already on our side.


There are various ways you can support us. You can influence and promote our NGO by raising key issues that need attention. 


                                          You can approach us for discussions and for guidance.


                                          Share your story with us on how you achieved your dreams.


                                          You can sign up for regular updates of our events and general work.


We are constantly increasing our team. We are a group of fun women who are interested in building each other without any returns.  We believe the smallest efforts can make a difference in the life of women around us. 


You might be stay at home mum, a professional with full time job or a part time worker, if you would like be part of our team in any capacity please contact us.  


You can contact via email or FB page if you wish to volunteer and be part of our admin team.


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